Italian Order of Merit for Culture and Art

Italian order of merit

The Medal of Merit for Culture and Art (Italian: Medaglia ai Benemeriti della cultura e dell'arte) and (Latin: Medal est per Meritum unius culturae et artis) is an Italian medal established on 16 November 1950. The order has three classes, gold, silver and bronze, and may be awarded to men and women for contributions to Italian art, literature or culture. The medal is personally conferred by the President of Italy on the Festa della Repubblica, Italy's National Day celebrated each 2 June. The medal is awarded by presidential decree based on the advice of an evaluation committee made up of representatives of Italian academies and chaired by the head of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.
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award received: Italian Order of Merit for Culture and Art



Roberto Benigni cover

photo credits: PD-user

Roberto Benigni

Italian actor & director


Oriana Fallaci cover

photo credits: CC-BY-3.0

Oriana Fallaci

Italian writer


Andrea Camilleri

Italian writer


Renzo De Felice cover

photo credits: English Wikipedia

Renzo De Felice

Italian historian


Cristanziano Serricchio

Italian poet and writer

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