Volvo Environment Prize

Swedish science award

Volvo Environment Prize is an annual international award originating in Sweden. The prize is awarded to individuals who explore the way to a sustainable world. The prize is awarded by the independent foundation The Volvo Environment Prize Foundation instituted 1989. A recipient of the Volvo Environment Prize receives an original diploma by Swedish artist Göran Dahlbom, a glass sculpture and a cash award for SEK 1.5 million (approximately EUR 140 000 or USD 190 000).
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award received: Volvo Environment Prize



Amory Lovins cover

photo credits: CC-BY-2.0

Amory Lovins

American physicist, energy policy analyst


James Lovelock cover

photo credits: CC-BY-SA-1.0

James Lovelock

independent scientist, environmentalist and futurist


Paul Ralph Ehrlich

American scientist and environmentalist


Madhav Gadgil cover

photo credits: Vinayaraj - CC-BY-SA-3.0

Madhav Gadgil

Indian ecologist

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