Concours général

общефранцузский предметный конкурс школьников

In France, the Concours Général is the most prestigious academic competition held every year between students of Première (11th grade) and Terminale (12th and final grade) in almost all subjects taught in both general, technological and professional high schools. Exams usually take place in March, and their results are known in June or July. Students who show great ability in one field are selected to participate by their teachers and their school principal. Most of the time, no more than one student per high school is allowed to participate in the competition, which requires strong knowledge of college level topics. In the humanities and social sciences, the exams involve one or more essays and last 6 hours. In the sciences, the exams last almost as long and are problem-based. In a given subject, up to 18 awards can be given: up to 3 Prizes. A student winning a prize takes part in a ceremony held in the main amphitheatre of the Sorbonne University, where he or she is given the diploma and congratulated by the Minister of Education and members of the government. up to 5 Accessits up to 10 Regional awardsA student who wins any of the above is called a "lauréat du Concours Général". In Mathematics, the "Lauréat" is invited to a series of conferences at the Institute Poincaré and is usually selected to attend the Clay Institute summer school of science.
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Charles Baudelaire cover

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Charles Baudelaire

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Les Fleurs du mal

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illustrator: Carlos Schwabe


Les Paradis artificiels

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Alfred de Musset

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Jean Giraudoux

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Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve

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Abel Bonnard

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