Captain Nemo

character created by Jules Verne

Captain Nemo (, later identified as an East Indian, Prince Dakkar), is a fictional character created by the French novelist Jules Verne (1828–1905). Nemo appears in two of Verne's science-fiction classics, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870) and The Mysterious Island (1875). He also makes a cameo appearance in a play on which Verne may have collaborated, Journey Through the Impossible (1882). Nemo is a mysterious figure. Though originally of unknown nationality, he's later described as the son of an East Indian raja. A scientific visionary, he roams the depths of the seas in his submarine, the Nautilus, which was assembled from parts manufactured in several different countries, then shipped to Nemo's cover address. The captain is consumed by a hunger for vengeance and hatred of imperialism; the British Empire is ultimately revealed as his main antagonist. Nemo has appeared in various film adaptations of Verne's novels, where he has been portrayed by such celebrated actors as James Mason, Herbert Lom, and Michael Caine. He has also been appropriated by other authors for their own novels, including Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Philip José Farmer's The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, Kevin J. Anderson's Captain Nemo: The Fantastic History of a Dark Genius, and Thomas F. Monteleone's The Secret Sea.
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characters: Captain Nemo


The Mysterious Island

novel by Jules Verne

author: Jules Verne
illustrator: Jules Férat


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