The Daltons

characters in the Belgian comics series Lucky Luke

The Daltons are fictional outlaws who regularly appear in the Lucky Luke comic book series and arch-enemies to Lucky Luke. They were created by artist Morris and writer René Goscinny. They are loosely inspired by the real-life Dalton Gang, and billed as their cousins. While the real-life Dalton brothers are depicted as evil and successful, these Daltons are depicted as less skillful and more prone to fighting between the siblings. All four Daltons are depicted as identical except for in height and intelligence, with the oldest brother Joe being the shortest and smartest, and the youngest brother Averell being the tallest and dumbest. Their storylines often begin with the gang escaping from prison, followed around by prison dog Rantanplan as they try to carry out whatever plans Joe Dalton, or their mother Ma Dalton, has in mind. Usually the gang ends up back in jail at the end of the story as Lucky Luke rides off into the sunset. The characters have appeared both in the comic book version of Lucky Luke as well as in the animated series, the film and the tv series. They were also part of the spinoff animated series Rantanplan and starred in their own short story animated show that made its debut in 2010.
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characters: The Daltons



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