Russian Institute of Theatre Arts

Russian academy of theater and arts.

The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts – GITIS (Russian: Российский институт театрального искусства – ГИТИС) is the largest and oldest independent theatrical arts school in Russia. Located in Moscow, the school was founded on 22 September 1878 as the Shostakovsky Music School. It became the School of Music and Drama of the Moscow Philharmonic Society in 1883, was elevated to the status of a conservatory in 1886, was renamed the Institute of Music and Drama in 1918, and was known as the Lunacharsky State Institute for Theatre Arts (GITIS) from 1934 to 1991.
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Valery Panyushkin

Russian journalist



12 Who Don't Agree

book by Valeriy Valerevitsj Panjusjkin

author: Valery Panyushkin


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