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Western Washington University (WWU or Western) is a public university in Bellingham, Washington. It is the northernmost university in the contiguous United States and was founded as the state-funded New Whatcom Normal School in 1893, succeeding a private school of teaching for women. WWU offers a variety of bachelor's and master's degrees. In 2018, there were 16,121 students, 15,170 of whom were undergraduate students, and 639 faculty. Its athletic teams are known as the Vikings, which compete in division II of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Western Washington University was founded in 1886, initially as Northwest Normal School for teachers, and was first located in Lynden, Washington. After moving to Bellingham and undergoing a series of name changes, the school became Western Washington College of Education in 1937. The same year, the school became a four-year college. In 1977, the school gained university status, becoming Western Washington University.
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