University of Winchester

university in Winchester, United Kingdom

The University of Winchester is a public research university based in the city of Winchester, Hampshire, England. The university has origins tracing back to 1840, but was established in 2005. Winchester University is a member of The Cathedrals Group (officially the Council of Church Universities and Colleges or CCUC), an association of universities and university colleges in the United Kingdom. Every year the University holds its graduation ceremonies in Winchester Cathedral.Graduates of the University of Winchester may use the post-nominals Winton., from the Latin Wintoniensis meaning 'of Winchester'.
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educated at: University of Winchester



Katherine Weikert

historian and archaeologist



The Biography of a Place: Faccombe Netherton, Hampshire, ca 900 - 1200 ( 2015 )

scientific article published in January 2015

author: Katherine Weikert

Valiant Losers ( 2016 )

scientific article published in October 2016

author: Katherine Weikert

Gender and Status in the Medieval World ( 2016 )

scientific article published in January 2016

author: Katherine Weikert Elena Woodacre


Amanda Richardson

historian and archaeologist


Julie Wileman



Ryan Lavelle


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