Brooklyn College

senior college of the City University of New York, located in Brooklyn

Brooklyn College is a public college in Brooklyn, New York City, with about 14,700 undergraduate students and 3,100 graduate students on a 35-acre campus. It is part of the City University of New York. Brooklyn College was founded in 1930, as a result of the merger of the Brooklyn branches of Hunter College – at that time a women's college – and the City College of New York – a men's college – both of which had been established in 1926. It became the first public coeducational liberal arts college in New York City. Brooklyn College's alumni include US Senators, US federal judges, US Securities and Exchange Commission Chairmen, Olympians, company CEOs, and winners of Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, and Pulitzer Prizes.
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Paul Beatty cover

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Paul Beatty

American writer



The Sellout

book by Paul Beatty

author: Paul Beatty


The White Boy Shuffle

book by Paul Beatty

author: Paul Beatty



Raul Hilberg

Austrian-born American political scientist and historian


Saladin Ahmed

Arab American writer and poet


Oscar Handlin

U.S. historian


Stanley Milgram

American social psychologist

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