Scipione Maffei

classical lyceum in Verona in the province of Verona (Italy) [school id: VRPC020003]

Istituto Maffei, officially called Liceo Ginnasio di Stato 'Scipione Maffei', is the oldest high school in Italy. It is situated in the center of Verona in northern Italy. It is a grammar school, with students who focus on the classics and can choose different paths: communication, or languages. Students who choose the first path study Latin, Ancient Greek, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Philosophy, History, Geography, Italian and Italian literature, English and English literature, I.T, Law and Economy. Students who, on the other hand choose the second path study the same subjects (apart from Ancient Greek) plus some other modern languages like French, Spanish or German. It was officially founded in 1808 under the name "Liceo con Convitto", although it was actually already in operation in 1805. Then in 1867 it was renamed "Regio Liceo Scipione Maffei", after an Italian writer and art critic, author of many articles and plays.
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Carlo Rovelli cover

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Carlo Rovelli

Italian physicist



Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

2014 book by Carlo Rovelli

author: Carlo Rovelli


The Order of Time

discussion of time from viewpoint of relativistic and quantum physics

author: Carlo Rovelli


The Order of Time

author: Carlo Rovelli

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