Morris Brown College

historically Black college in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Morris Brown College (MBC) is an unaccredited, private Methodist historically black liberal arts college in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded January 5, 1881, Morris Brown is the first institution in Georgia to be owned and operated independently by African Americans. Morris Brown College is closer to re-accreditation after settling $4 million debt with AME Church. In December 2002, it lost its accreditation and federal funding due to a financial mismanagement scandal during the 1998–2002 tenure of Dolores Cross as college president. The United Negro College Fund also terminated its support for the college. Ten years later, the college filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in an attempt to prevent foreclosure and sale of the school at auction. It had settled its debt to the Department of Education. In 2019, the college announced a renewed strategy to secure accreditation again.
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