University of Douai

University of Douai (1559-1887) become University of Lille

The University of Douai (French: Université de Douai) is a former university in Douai, France. With a medieval heritage of scholarly activities in Douai, the university was established in 1559 and lectures started in 1562. It closed from 1795 to 1808. In 1887, it was transferred as University of Lille 27 km away from Douai. From the mid-16th century onwards, the university of Douai had Europe-wide influence as a prominent centre of neo-Latin literature, contributing also to the dissemination of printed knowledge. With 1,500 to 2,000 registered students and several hundred professors, it was the second largest university of France during the late-17th and 18th centuries. Studies in mathematics and physics at the Douai Faculty of Arts enabled broad development in artillery practice. The Douai Faculty of Theology was an important center for Catholic scholarship. It played a role in religious doctrines and political controversies in Europe; its scholars participated in the development of new approaches to the humanities.
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Thomas Dempster cover

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Thomas Dempster

scottish philologist, historian, poet and etruscologist



De Etruria Regali

traité d'étruscologie par Thomas Dempster

author: Thomas Dempster



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Nicolas Trigault

French Jesuit, missionary and writer


Anton Sander

priest, historian

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