Jean Marc Ela

Cameroonian sociologist and theologian

Jean-Marc Ela (27 September 1936 – 26 December 2008) was a Cameroonian sociologist and theologian. Working variously as a diocesan priest and a professor, Ela was the author of many books on theology, philosophy, and social sciences in Africa. His most famous work, African Cry has been called the "soundest illustration" of the spirit of liberation theology in sub-Saharan Africa. His works are widely cited as exemplary of sub-Saharan African Christian theology for their focus on contextualisation and their emphasis on community-centered approaches to theology.He was buried in his hometown of Ebolowa, Cameroon.
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Achille Mbembe cover

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Achille Mbembe

Cameroonian political scientist



On the Postcolony

boek van Achille Mbembe

author: Achille Mbembe


Politiques de l'inimitié

author: Achille Mbembe

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