Ibn Sab'in

Muslim philosopher

Abu Mohammed Abd el-Hakh Ibn Sab'in al-Mursi (Arabic: محمدبن عبدالحق بن سبعين‎) was an Arab Sufi philosopher, the last philosopher of the Andalus in the west land of Islamic world. He was born in 1217 in Spain and lived in Ceuta. He was known for his replies to questions sent to him by Frederick II, ruler of Sicily. He died in 1271 in Mecca. He was also known for his knowledge of religions (Judaism, Christianity but even Hinduism and Zoroastrism) and the "hidden sciences" and has been variously depicted as a Neoplatonic philosopher, a Peripatetic philosopher, a Pythagorean philosopher, a Hermeticist, a Kabbalist, an alchemist, a heterodox Sufi, a crypto-Shi’ite, a plagiarizer, a pantheist and an arrogant seeker of fame.His school is a combination of philosophical and Gnostic thoughts. He was recognized by Michele Amari as the author, among others, of the responses to the famous Sicilian Questions of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen.
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Ibn Arabi

Arab Andalusian Sufi mystic and philosopher


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