Karl Lueger

Austrian politician

Karl Lueger (German: [ˈlu̯eːɡɐ]; 24 October 1844 – 10 March 1910) was an Austrian politician, mayor of Vienna, and leader and founder of the Austrian Christian Social Party. He is credited with the transformation of the city of Vienna into a modern city. The populist and antisemitic politics of his Christian Social Party are sometimes viewed as a model for Adolf Hitler's Nazism.
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Adolf Hitler cover

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Adolf Hitler

Austrian-born German politican, chancellor and Führer of Germany, leader of the Nazi Party (1889-1945)



Mein Kampf

autobiographical manifesto by the National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler

author: Adolf Hitler


Zweites Buch

book containing an unedited transcript of Adolf Hitler's thoughts on foreign policy written in 1928; written after Mein Kampf, but not published in his lifetime

author: Adolf Hitler


Hitler's Letters and Notes

book by Werner Maser

author: Werner Maser, Adolf Hitler


Hitler's Table Talk, 1941-1944

author: Adolf Hitler

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