Cour des miracles

slum districts of Paris

Cour des miracles ("court of miracles") was a French term which referred to slum districts of Paris, France where the unemployed migrants from rural areas resided. They held "the usual refuge of all those wretches who came to conceal in this corner of Paris, sombre, dirty, muddy, and tortuous, their pretended infirmities and their criminal pollution." The areas grew largely during the reign of Louis XIV (1643 – 1715) and in Paris were found around the Filles-Dieu convent, Rue du Temple, the Court of Jussienne, Reuilly Street, Rue St. Jean and Tournelles Beausire, Rue de l'Echelle and between the Rue du Caire and Rue Reaumur. The latter served as inspiration for Victor Hugo's Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.
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narrative location: Cour des miracles


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

novel by Victor Hugo, 1831

author: Victor Hugo
illustrator: Luc-Olivier Merson


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