Extinct people of uncertain origin

The Tuoba (Middle Chinese: *tʰak-bɛt) also known as the Taugast or Tabgach (Old Turkic: 𐱃𐰉𐰍𐰲‎ Tabγač), was a Xianbei clan in ancient China.The Tuoba founded the Northern Wei (386–535), a powerful dynasty that unified northern China after the Sixteen Kingdoms period and became increasingly sinicized. As a result, from 496, the name "Tuoba" disappeared by an edict of Emperor Xiaowen of Northern Wei, who adopted the Chinese language surname of Yuan (元). After the Northern Wei split into the Eastern and Western Wei in 535, the Western Wei briefly restored the Tuoba name in 554. A surviving branch of the Tuoba established the state of Tuyuhun before submitting as a vassal of the Tang dynasty. A branch of the Tanguts originally bore the surname Tuoba, but their chieftains were subsequently bestowed the Chinese surnames Li (李) and Zhao (趙); the founding emperor of the Western Xia, Li Yuanhao, later adopted the surname Weiming (嵬名).
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