customary behaviour

Mores ( sometimes ; from Latin mōrēs, [ˈmoːreːs], plural form of singular mōs, meaning 'manner, custom, usage, or habit') are social norms that are widely observed within a particular society or culture. Mores determine what is considered morally acceptable or unacceptable within any given culture. William Graham Sumner (1840–1910), an early U.S. sociologist, introduced both the terms "mores" (1898) and "folkways" (1906) into modern sociology.
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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

novel by Victor Hugo, 1831

author: Victor Hugo
illustrator: Luc-Olivier Merson


イラスト まつど物語


author: Tsuyoshi Ono


Anstand und feine Sitten im täglichen Verkehr ( 1879 )

german article in Die Gartenlaube, 1879, no. 28

author: Marianne Wolf

The Red and the Black

French novel by Stendhal

author: Stendhal


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