Pasteur Institute of Iran

biomedical research centre in Iran

Pasteur Institute of Iran is a medical research center located in Tehran, Iran. The institute is one of the oldest leading research and public health centers in Iran and the Middle East, established in 1920 following an agreement between the Institute Pasteur of Paris and the Iranian government. The Pasteur Institute of Iran was developed with the help of a land donation from Abdol-Hossein Farmanfarma. Its mission is to support advanced research and to provide innovative programs in basic and applied medical sciences, and production of biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic kits with special emphasis on infectious diseases. It meets the specialized and scientific health demands of the local community and tries to establish a link between applied research and industry. Pasteur Institute is a leading regional facility in the development and manufacture of vaccines. The institute has a total staff of 1300 in its 28 departments and 5 branches in different cities of Iran, which are active in different areas of medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology. There are about 300 PhDs and M.Sc graduates.This institute is a center that provides public health services and has played a significant role in the prevention and control of infectious diseases in Iran and the world during approximate one hundred years of its activities The establishment of Pasteur Institute of Iran in one century of activity has had many positive effects on public health in Iran. Through its brilliant activities and developing both quality and quantity in its services including conducting research studies associated with the control of infectious diseases, producing vaccines and biological products, launch of public vaccination, holding national and international training course on emerging and reemerging infectious diseases, the Institute has taken great strides in preventing and controlling infectious diseases, and has gained significant credibility and reputation nationally and internationally. This institute can be a useful model for the country and the region, and it is hoped to continue its important roles in the field of infectious diseases as an effective research and production unit in the second century of its work.
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