insurrectionary anarchism

theory of anarchism

Insurrectionary anarchism is a revolutionary theory, practice and tendency within the anarchist movement that emphasizes insurrection within anarchist practice. It is critical of formal organizations such as labor unions and federations that are based on a political programme and periodic congresses. Instead, insurrectionary anarchists advocate informal organization and small affinity group based organization. Insurrectionary anarchists put value in attack, permanent class conflict and a refusal to negotiate or compromise with class enemies.
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main subject: insurrectionary anarchism


The Coming Insurrection

French political tract

author: The Invisible Committee


Reise ins Auge des Sturms

author: Pierleone Porcu

From Riot To Insurrection

author: Alfredo M. Bonanno, Jean Weir


At Daggers Drawn


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