Academy of Esperanto

language scholars who maintain Esperanto

The Akademio de Esperanto (AdE; English: Academy of Esperanto) is an independent body of enthusiastic Esperanto speakers who steward the evolution of said language by keeping it consistent with the Fundamento de Esperanto in accordance with the Declaration of Boulogne. Modeled somewhat after the Académie française and the Real Academia Española, the Akademio was proposed by L. L. Zamenhof, the creator of Esperanto, at the first World Esperanto Congress, and was founded soon thereafter under the name Lingva Komitato (Language Committee). This Committee had a "superior commission" called the Akademio. In 1948, within the framework of a general reorganization, the Language Committee and the Academy combined to form the Akademio de Esperanto.The Akademio consists of 45 members and has a president, vice presidents, and a secretary. The corresponding address including e-mail is at the secretary. It is funded by a subsidy from the Universal Esperanto Association and by donations.
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