Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club

association for cyclists

The Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club (ADFC) (German Cyclist’s Association) is a registered cycling association and club for cyclists in Germany. The founding meeting of the ADFC took place on 27 September 1979 in Bremen, after the idea to establish such an organisation arose during the International Bicycle and Motorbike Exhibition (IFMA) on 18 April 1978. Jan Tebbe from Bremen provided the idea and was the first chairman of the ADFC. Other founders were transportation researchers like Heiner Monheim or Tilman Bracher. The ADFC is an interest group of cyclists in German towns, particularly in traffic politics. It became known for the bicycle climate test, which was carried out in 1988, 1991, 2003, 2005 and 2012. The ADFC is a member of the European Cyclists' Federation and the International Mountain Bicycling Association. At the demand of the ADFC a National Cycle Traffic Plan was presented in 2002 for the first time by the Cabinet of Germany.
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