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Artdink Corporation (株式会社アートディンク) is a Japanese developer of video games, based in Tsukishima, Tokyo. By far Artdink's biggest international success was the award-winning A-Train (known in Japan as A Ressha de Ikou, or "Take the A-Train") strategy game released for the PC and Amiga, which was published by SimCity creators Maxis. A Family Computer and MSX versions were also released, both exclusively in Japan. Artdink have released several sequels to this game, the most recent being A-Train 9 for Windows. A few other Artdink titles have seen US and PAL release from various publishers, including Aquanaut's Holiday (Sony), Carnage Heart (Sony), Turnabout (Natsume/Zoo Digital), Tail of the Sun (Sony), AIV Global: Evolution (Sony) and No One Can Stop Mr. Domino! (Acclaim/JVC) for the PlayStation. None of these titles have achieved mainstream success due to their unconventional nature. The European publisher Midas Interactive obtained the rights to some of Artdink's PlayStation 2 games and published versions localised in English and other languages in PAL countries. Games released by Midas include Golful Golf (Mr. Golf), The Seed, Buchigire Kongou (Battle Construction Vehicles), and A Ressha de Ikou 6 (A-Train 6).
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