Episcopal Conference of Brazil

conferência episcopal do Brasil

The National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (Portuguese: Conferência Nacional dos Bispos do Brasil, CNBB) brings together the Catholic Bishops of Brazil, as the Code of Canon Law, "jointly exercise certain pastoral functions on behalf of the faithful of their territory in order to promote greater well that the Church gives to men, especially in the forms and methods of apostolate adapted to the circumstances of time and place, according to the law "(can. 447). All diocesan bishops in Brazil belong to CNBB along with coadjutor bishops, auxiliary bishops and other titular Bishops who exercise in the same territory a special charge, entrusted by the Apostolic See or by the Conference of Bishops. (Cf. Can. 450) The CNBB was founded on October 14, 1952, in Rio de Janeiro. The headquarters moved to Brasília in 1977.
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