Anarchism and education

Anarchism has had a special interest on the issue of education from the works of William Godwin and Max Stirner onwards. A wide diversity of issues related to education have gained the attention of anarchist theorists and activists. They have included the role of education in social control and socialization, the rights and liberties of youth and children within educational contexts, the inequalities encouraged by current educational systems, the influence of state and religious ideologies in the education of people, the division between social and manual work and its relationship with education, sex education and art education. Various alternatives to contemporary mainstream educational systems and their problems have been proposed by anarchists which have gone from alternative education systems and environments, self-education, advocacy of youth and children rights, and freethought activism.
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main subject: Anarchism and education


The Modern School Movement

book by Paul Avrich

author: Paul Avrich


Anarchism and education

author: Judith Suissa


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