municipality in Nordland, Norway

Sørfold is a municipality in Nordland county, Norway. It is part of the traditional district of Salten. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Straumen. Other villages in the municipality include Leirfjordgården, Mørsvikbotn, Røsvika, Rørstad, Styrkesvik, and Øvre Kvarv. The municipality surrounds the Sørfolda fjord and stretches east to the border with Sweden. The 1,637-square-kilometre (632 sq mi) municipality is the 48th largest by area out of the 356 municipalities in Norway. Sørfold is the 286th most populous municipality in Norway with a population of 1,926. The municipality's population density is 1.3 inhabitants per square kilometre (3.4/sq mi) and its population has decreased by 2.9% over the previous 10-year period.
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