natural history

study of organisms including plants or animals in their environment

Natural history is a domain of inquiry involving organisms, including animals, fungi, and plants, in their natural environment, leaning more towards observational than experimental methods of study. A person who studies natural history is called a naturalist or natural historian. Natural history encompasses scientific research but is not limited to it. It involves the systematic study of any category of natural objects or organisms. So while it dates from studies in the ancient Greco-Roman world and the mediaeval Arabic world, through to European Renaissance naturalists working in near isolation, today's natural history is a cross-discipline umbrella of many specialty sciences; e.g., geobiology has a strong multidisciplinary nature.
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main subject: natural history


The Malay Archipelago

book by Alfred Russel Wallace

author: Alfred Russel Wallace
illustrator: Thomas Baines


Pliny, Natural History

encyclopedia published circa AD 77–79 by Pliny the Elder

author: Pliny the Elder


The Natural History of Aleppo

book by Alexander Russell

author: Alexander Russell


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