National Labour Press

Printers set up by the Independent Labour Party

The National Labour Press (NLP) was founded in 1909 to undertake printing for the Independent Labour Party (ILP). It published the Labour Leader as well as other ILP material. It was originally located at 30 Blackfriars Street. In July 1915 Herbert Nield, Conservative MP for Ealing, raised in parliament his concerns about the activities of the Union of Democratic Control (UDC) and the ILP were holding "over 200 meetings weekly" and distributing literature. Following police raids, censorship was imposed on the Labour Leader, but the police in Manchester were cautious in seizing only sample copies of UDC literature. As it happened the Salford magistrates did not deem the material to be illegal. From March 1916 the NLP printed The Tribunal, a weekly newspaper, for the No Conscription Fellowship. The police raided the NLP and dismantled the press, but The Tribunal continued to be published via a secret press which the police had not found.
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