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ELF Corporation (株式会社エルフ, Kabushiki-gaisha Erufu), stylized as élf, was a Japanese eroge studio. One of its most popular games is Dōkyūsei, a pioneering dating sim, which has had a sequel and been turned into adult OVA series. The character design of the main villains from the -saku series is the company mascot. They are also known for role-playing video games such as the Dragon Knight series and visual novel adventure games such as YU-NO. Many ELF games had been turned into adult OVA series. Three of ELF game series had even been turned into TV anime series: Elf-ban Kakyūsei, Raimuiro Senkitan and YU-NO. Elf was founded on April 27, 1989 in Tokyo. As of 2004, the CEO is Atsushi Shimoda (下田篤). EFC, the ELF Fan Club (エルフFC), has an active membership. There is a project that aims at recreating the game engine for other platforms. After 27 years, it was announced in October 2015 that the company was closing for business. Some of their games were re-released by DMM Games.
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