Jiayuguan City

prefecture-level city in Gansu, China

Jiayuguan (simplified Chinese: 嘉峪关市; traditional Chinese: 嘉峪關市; pinyin: Jiāyùguān Shì, audio ) is a prefecture-level city in northwestern Gansu province, with a population of 231,853 as of 2010. It is named after the nearby Jiayu Pass, the largest and most intact pass of the Great Wall of China. Jiayuguan is a major industrial city. It was established in 1958, following the establishment of Jiuquan Steel Company, the largest steel company in Gansu. Mining and mineral processing are the primary industries of the city. By area, it is by far the smallest prefecture-level division of Gansu. The fortress at Jiayuguan is situated at the end of the portion of the Great Wall of China which was built by the Ming Dynasty, in the 14th century.
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