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Grey Ghost Press was founded in 1994 by Ann Dupuis after spending time working on the Fudge RPG system by Steffan O'Sullivan. She initially created the company as Wild Mule Games in 1994, incorporated her company the following year as Ghostdancer Press, and then changed the name to Grey Ghost Press.The company soon became the owner of the copyright of Fudge and began officially publishing the system with their first release Fudge 1995 Edition. Later they re-released the system as Fudge 1995 Expanded Edition. The Company also published other games based on the fudge rules like Gatecrasher and Terra Incognita. In 2000, Grey Ghost received the rights to publish a RPG based on Katherine Kurtz Fantasy world Deryni and the Eleven Kingdoms. This game was nominated for the "Role playing Game of the year" at the 1997 Origins Game Fair Awards.Katherine Kurtz said in the foreword of the book "...I was approached about letting Grey Ghost Press publish a role-playing game based on my world. This wasn't the first time someone had made such a request, but this one felt 'right'."
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