Korean History Compilation Committee


Korean History Compilation Committee was established in June 1925 by the Japanese government of Royal edict. It is also known as "Korean History Compilation Society", "Association of the Compilation of Korean History", "Korean History Compilation Bureau" or "Society of Compiling Korean History".According to the Article 1 of the Regulation of Korean History Compilation Committee (朝鮮史編修会官制, 1925), "Korean History Compilation Committee was administered by the Governor General of Korea and engaged in collecting of Korean historical materials and compilation of Korean history".朝鮮史 means "history of Korea"; 編修 means "to compile"; 會 means "committee" or "society". A total of 975,534 yen (not adjusted for inflation) was spent, and a considerable number of books were published. The books can be categorized into Joseon History (25 volumes), History Collection (102 volumes), and Reprint of Historical Records (1623 volumes). However, no copies of the Reprint of Historical Records are known to exist today.
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