Left Group of Finnish Workers

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Left Group of Finnish Workers (Finnish: Suomen työväen vasemmistoryhmä) was a socialist political party in Finland. The party was active in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The group was founded by activists who had previously cooperated with the Communist Party of Finland (SKP). Niilo Wälläri, Eino Pekkala, Erkki Härmä and Kusti Kulo were some of the well-known leaders of the group. The group had supporters mainly in the southern industrial cities of Finland.The communists – who followed Comintern's Third Period policy – had a very negative attitude to the Left Group, whose members were branded "vacillators" (Finnish: Hoipertelijat). The group was considered more dangerous than social democrats or the far right. The Left Group called their communist critics fanatical "beaters in the air" (Finnish: Huitojat). The Social Democratic Party of Finland was also critical of the Left Group and they avoided cooperation. It was tactically important for the SDP to maintain an image that considered their left-wing opponents as a single Moscow-led entity.The Left Group published the paper Suomen Työmies in 1930. In Vaasa, Työn Ääni was also briefly in the hands of the Left Group.
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