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This is a list of publishers dedicated either wholly or to a significant degree to publishing material written for, by, or about women. Many of them started during the "second wave" of feminism. The focus of this list is not on publishers which market to women, but on publishers who have a stated commitment to publishing feminist and other women's studies texts. List of women's presses, with city, state or country location, and the year of their founding. 13th Moon Press (2009–?) Affinity Rainbow Publications Arktoi Books (2006–present) Artemis Press (2000–2012?) Ash Tree Publishing (Woodstock, New York, 1985–present) Aunt Lute Books (San Francisco, California, 1982–present) Bella Books (2001–present) Belladonna* (2000–present) Bedazzled Ink Publishing (2014–present) Black Woman Talk Collective (London, UK, 1983) Bold Strokes Books (2004–present) Boston Women's Health Book Collective Boudicca Press Bur Press (Lexington, Kentucky, 1942–1947) Bywater Books (2004–present) Calisi Press Calyx Press, Inc. (Corvallis, Oregon, 1976–present) Caitlin Press (Sunshine Coast, Canada 1977–present) Cleis Press (Berkeley, California, 1980–present) The Crossing Press (Berkeley, California, 1963–2002) Desert Palm Press Éditions des Femmes (Paris, France, 1972–present) Editions iXe (Donnemarie-Dontilly, France, 2010 - present) fr:Éditions du remue-ménage (Montreal, 1976–present) Eiderdown Books: books on female artists (UK, 2018-present) Elly Blue Publishing (Portland, Oregon, 2010–present) The Feminist Press (New York City, New York, 1970–present) FEMRITE - Uganda Women Writers Association (Kampala, Uganda, 1995–present) Flashpoint Publications (Ohio, USA, 2018–present) Furore Verlag (Kassel, Germany 1986–present) Gazing Grain Press Green Dragon Press Headmistress Press (2013–present) Heartspark Press, (Olympia, Washington ) HerBooks Feminist Press (Santa Cruz, California, 1984–2002) Herself Press The HerStories Project Honno (Aberystwyth, Wales, 1986–present) Inanna Publications (Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1972–present) Intaglio Publications ISM Press Jan-Carol Publishing Kali for Women (1984 - 2003, India) Kelsey St. Press Kore Press Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press (New York City, New York, 1982–1989) KT press (London, England, 1998-present) Publisher of n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal and ebooks on women artists Launch Point Press (Portland, Oregon, USA, 2014–present) Linen Press Books (Edinburgh, Scotland, 2007–present) Magnetewan Books (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 2010–present) Midmarch Arts Press (New York, USA, 1975 - 2018) publishers of Women Arts News (1975-1998) and list of Women in the Arts books Modjaji Books (Cape Town, South Africa, 2007–present) Mother's Milk Books New Victoria Publishers Onlywomen Press (London, UK, 1974–2010) Pandora Press (London, UK, 1990–1996) Paris Press (Ashfield, Massachusetts, 1995–present) Persephone Books (London, UK, 1999–present) Perugia Press (Northampton, Massachusetts, 1997–present) Press Gang Publishers (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 1970–2002) Red Letter Press (Seattle, Washington, 1990–present) Second Story Press (Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1988–present) Scarlet Press (London, UK, 1992–1999) Shameless Hussy Press (Berkeley, California, 1969–1989) Sheba Feminist Press (London, UK, 1980–94) Silver Press (UK, 2017- present) Sister Vision: Black Women & Women of Colour Press (Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1985–present) Spinifex Press (Melbourne, Australia, 1991–present) Sumach Press (Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2001–present?) Switchback Books (Denver, CO, 2006–present) Tender Buttons Press (New York City, 1989–present) Third Woman Press (San Antonio, USA, 1980–present) Verlag Krug & Schadenberg (Berlin, Germany, 1993–present) Virago Press (London, UK, 1973–present) With/out Pretend (Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2015–present) Women Unlimited (New Delhi, India, 1985–present) The Women's Press (London, UK, 1978–2013) Women's Press (Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1972–present) Zubaan (an imprint of Kali for Women; New Delhi, India, 1985–present)
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