Catechism of the Catholic Church

book by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (Latin: Catechismus Catholicae Ecclesiae; commonly called the Catechism or the CCC) is a catechism promulgated for the Catholic Church by Pope John Paul II in 1992. It sums up, in book form, the beliefs of the Catholic faithful. A catechism ( /ˈkætəˌkizəm/; from Greek: κατηχέω, "to teach orally") is a summary or exposition of doctrine and serves as a learning introduction to the Sacraments traditionally used in catechesis, or Christian religious teaching of children and adult converts.
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main subject: Catechism of the Catholic Church



book by Christoph Schönborn; explanation of the Catholic faith (catechism) for the youth

author: Christoph Schönborn


catechism of the social teching of the Catholic church for young people

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