Thin Chen Enterprise

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Thin Chen Enterprise (full name Sheng Qian Enterprise Co., Ltd (Chinese: 聖謙企業股份有限公司)), also known as Sachen, was a Taiwanese company that developed several original games for the NES, Mega Drive, Game Boy and other early cartridge-based handheld systems such as the Watara Supervision and Mega Duck. With the exception of the latter two handhelds, all of Thin Chen's games were produced without license from the console manufacturers. The company produced at least 70 unique games for the NES and Famicom and at least 32 for the Game Boy (compiled into eight 4-in-1 cartridges), making it the most prolific unlicensed developer and publisher for both consoles. The company also produced its own Nintendo Entertainment System hardware clones, such as the Q-Boy.Most of Thin Chen's products were released under the "Sachen" brand name, although the names Joy Van and Commin were also used for certain early games for the Famicom and handheld consoles respectively. Several of their NES games were released outside Taiwan under license by foreign publishers, including: HES Interactive in Australia, Hacker International in Japan (usually with added pornographic content), Bunch Games/Color Dreams and American Video Entertainment in the United States, and Milmar in Brazil.
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