evolutionary biology

sub-field of biology

Evolutionary biology is the subfield of biology that studies the evolutionary processes (natural selection, common descent, speciation) that produced the diversity of life on Earth. In the 1930s, the discipline of evolutionary biology emerged through what Julian Huxley called the modern synthesis of understanding, from previously unrelated fields of biological research, such as genetics and ecology, systematics and paleontology. The investigational range of current research widened to encompass the genetic architecture of adaptation, molecular evolution, and the different forces that contribute to evolution, such as sexual selection, genetic drift, and biogeography. Moreover, the newer field of evolutionary developmental biology ("evo-devo") investigates how embryogenesis, the development of the embryo, is controlled, thus yielding a wider synthesis that integrates developmental biology with the fields of study covered by the earlier evolutionary synthesis.
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main subject: evolutionary biology


The Selfish Gene

1976 book by Richard Dawkins

author: Richard Dawkins


The Blind Watchmaker

book by Richard Dawkins

author: Richard Dawkins


The Ancestor's Tale

Book on evolution by Richard Dawkins & Yan Wong

author: Richard Dawkins


The Extended Phenotype

Book written by Richard Dawkins, about the extension of the phenotype to ethology

author: Richard Dawkins


The Theory of Evolution

book by John Maynard Smith

author: John Maynard Smith


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