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Beyond MIDI: The Handbook of Musical Codes

Eleanor Selfridge-Field

Hiroshi Hara: The Floating World of Architecture

Botond Bognar

The Supermodern Wardrobe

Andrew Bolton

Yet - Hiroshi Hara

Hiroshi Hara

Artful Design: Technology in Search of the Sublime

Ge Wang

Linux Music & Sound

Dave Phillips

Embedded Systems: Real-Time Interfacing to Arm Cortex-M Microcontrollers

Jonathan W. Valvano

Human - Nature

Ken Koo

Computer Music: Synthesis, Composition, and Performance

Charles Dodge

Handmade Electronic Music : The Art of Hardware Hacking

Nicolas Collins

Hexagonal Image Processing

Lee Middleton, Jayanthi Sivaswamy


Daniel Mitchell

Musical Applications of Microprocessors

Second Edition

Hal Chamberlin

The Norton Anthology of American Literature, 8th Edition

Wuthering Heights

Emily Brontë

The Things They Carried

Tim O'Brien

The Tao of Physics

Fritjof Capra

The Computer Music Tutorial

Curtis Roads

PUSH TURN MOVE: Interface Design in Electronic Music

Kim Bjorn
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