inventaire *means "inventory" in French

  • Keep an inventory of your books

    and of what can be done with them: "this book I can give, this book I can lend, this one is for sale..."

  • Share it with your friends and communities

    Always dreamed of a collaborative library for your coworking / association / book club? Here it is!

  • Remember the books you lend or borrow

    The books you lend might actually come back now!

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  • Chad Whitacre @inventaire_io is awesome! It's inter-library loan for personal libraries. Having fun loading my library now tweet by Chad Whitacre
  • Wikidata Awesome new project building on top of Wikidata tweet by Wikidata
  • PetiPandaRou Reading @inventaire_io's roadmap: "Clues on the revenue model
    - it won't be advertising
    - it won't be selling users data"
    I love you, guys ! tweet by PetiPandaRou
  • chroma_space Contribute to @inventaire_io library development > How you can contribute. This project's doing everything right #opensource #openknowledge tweet by chroma_space
  • Common Libraries awesome collaborative library initiative h/t @inventaire_io tweet by Common Libraries
  • schanoird TO-DO : inviter tous mes potes sur @inventaire_io pour enfin savoir à qui j'ai emprunté ce super bouquin, pris en otage chez wam tweet by schanoird





Full-time team

Maxime Lathuilière (project, design, code)
Vincent Jumeaux (code, design, project)


All the wonderful people
improving the data, here or on Wikidata,
designing the project's future,
contributing code or technical insights,
enriching the Wiki,
helping translating
A big thank you to all of you who are making this project grow everyday!

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