An Actor Prepares


An Actor Prepares (Russian: Рабо́та актёра над собо́й, tr. Rabóta aktyora nad sobóy, IPA: [rɐˈbotə ɐkˈtʲɵrə nət sɐˈboj]) is the first of Konstantin Stanislavski's books on acting, followed by Building a Character and Creating a Role. Stanislavski intended to publish the contents of An Actor Prepares and Building a Character as a single volume, and in the Russian language. However, An Actor Prepares was first published as a single volume in English, and World War II delayed the publication of Building a Character for more than ten years.
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original title: An Actor Prepares
language: English
date of publication: 1936
main subject: acting
follows: My Life in Art
followed by: Building a Character


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