The Outlaws


The Outlaws is a 1930 novel by the German writer Ernst von Salomon. Its German title is Die Geächteten, which means "the ostracised". Set between 1919 and 1922, the narrative is based on Salomon's experiences from the Freikorps, and includes an account of the 1922 assassination of foreign minister Walther Rathenau, in which the then 19-year-old Salomon was peripherically involved. The Outlaws was Salomon's debut novel. It was published in English in 1931, translated by Ian F. D. Morrow.The novel was a commercial success. It was followed by two sequels, It Cannot Be Stormed from 1932 and Die Kadetten/The Cadets from 1933.
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language: German
date of publication: 1930
genre: autobiographical novel
narrative location: Germany


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