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Vladimir Nazor

Croatian writer and politician (1876-1949)

1876   -   1949

movement: atheism
country of citizenship: Austria-Hungary, Kingdom of Yugoslavia
language of expression: Croatian
educated at: University of Zagreb
occupation: poet, political commissar, writer, translator, politician
position held: president of Croatia

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Vladimir Nazor (30 May 1876 – 19 June 1949) was a Croatian poet and politician who served as the first President of the Presidium of the Croatian Parliament (Croatian head of state), and first Speaker of the Croatian Parliament. Nazor began his political career as the head of the State Anti-fascist Council for the National Liberation of Croatia (ZAVNOH), the provisional Croatian World War II deliberative assembly, moving on to head the first post-war Croatian National Parliament (Narodni Sabor). In that post, he was by law concurrently the first (non-monarchical) head of state of Croatia in general, and the de facto first head of state of the current Croatian republic. His position carried little real political power, which was instead invested in the office of the Prime Minister and (informally) with the Secretary of the Communist Party of Croatia. Nazor is however most remembered as a well-known poet, writer, translator, and humanist. Although he was not an active politician until 1941, he had a significant political influence through ethical aspects of his work during prewar Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
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Veli Jože

short story by Vladimir Nazor

author: Vladimir Nazor


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