Aqa Bozorg Tehrani cover

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

Aqa Bozorg Tehrani

Iraqi ayatollah

1876   -   1970

country of citizenship: Iran, Iraq
occupation: bibliographer

Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammed Mohsen Razi (محمد محسن بن علي بن محمد رضا الطهراني النجفي) popularly known as Agha (Aqa) Bozorg Tehrani (Persian: آقا بزرگ تهرانی‎) (11 Rabi-I 1293 – 13 Zul-Hijjah 1389 AH /7 April 1876 – 20 February 1970), was born in Tehran. He was a Shia marja from Hawza Elmiye Najaf. He was the teacher of Grand Ayatollah Ali Hussaini Sistani, Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Hussain Najafi, and many others. He wrote following famous books: Az-Zaree'a ila Tasaneef ush-Shia (List of Shia Books) (26 volumes), the list was compiled in 1908 Tabaghat Aa'lam Al-Shia (List of Shia Ulema) (9 volumes) Mosannafet-e Shi`e (6 volumes)
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