The Garrett Zafarnama (or Baltimore Zafarnama or Zafarnama of Sultan Husayn Mirza) is an early manuscript of the Zafarnama (Book of Victories) by Sharaf ad-Din Ali Yazdi now in the Johns Hopkins University Library in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The manuscript has twelve Persian miniatures, in six double page spreads, and was made around 1467-8, possibly in Herat. The colophon states that the manuscript was the work of "the most humble Shir Ali," who was a popular scribe in his day. It was believed by the author of a later Mughal inscription that the six illustrations were painted by the renowned artist, Kemal a-Din Kamāl ud-Dīn Behzād, and the manuscript was one of the treasures of the Mughal Imperial library under Jahangir. However, modern scholars consider this attribution unlikely; Behzad would have been improbably young for such an important commission at the time. Several versions of the Zafarnama of Timur exist, however out of the versions written in the fifteenth century, only three illustrated copies survive, the Zafarnama of Ibrahim Sultan, the Garrett Zafarnama, and the Turk ve Islam Eserleri Mflzesi Zafarnama. The variety of versions of the Zafarnama can be attributed to the wide variety of patrons who commissioned the production of this manuscript. Each patron had different personal tastes and goals for their version of the Zafarnama, which influenced the choices of illustrations and design executed by the artists of their choosing.
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