Marc-Édouard Nabe

1958 -

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

genre:  jazz
country of citizenship:  France
native language:  French
languages spoken, written or signed:  French
official website:

Marc-Édouard Nabe (born Alain Marc Édouard Zannini; 27 December 1958) is a French writer, painter and jazz guitarist. After drawing cartoons for several publications including Hara-Kiri, Nabe published his first book Au régal des vermines in 1985 and caused controversy when he appeared on French television to promote it.After having 27 books published by various French publishers, Nabe announced in 2010 that he was now self-publishing and invented the concept of 'anti-édition' ('anti-publishing'), which he described as self-publishing for an author who is already well-known. He was shortlisted for the 2010 Prix Renaudot for his novel L'Homme qui arrêta d'écrire, which became the first self-published book to be shortlisted for a major literary prize in France. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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