Lewis Baumer cover

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Lewis Baumer


1870   -   1963

country of citizenship: United Kingdom
language of expression: English
educated at: Royal College of Art
occupation: caricaturist, painter, illustrator

Lewis Christopher Edward Baumer (August 8, 1870 – October 25, 1963) was an English caricaturist who worked for more than fifty years for the British magazine Punch. Baumer was born at St John's Wood, London, England, and had studied at the St John's Wood Art School under A. A. Calderon, at the Royal Academy of Arts, and at the Royal College of Art. His first drawings appeared in the Pall Mall magazine in 1893; in 1897, his first cartoon in Punch appeared. In 1921, he was elected a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours. Books illustrated by Lewis Baumer include: Jumbles – Lewis Baumer (Pearson, 1897) Elsie’s Magician – Fred Whishaw (Chambers, 1897) The Three Witches – Mrs Molesworth (Chambers, 1900) Peter Piper's Feepshow – S. H. Hamer (1900), illustrated by Baumer and Harry B. Neilson My Pretty and Her Little Brother “Too” and Other Stories – Mrs Molesworth (1901) The Story of The Treasure Seekers – E. Nesbit (T. Fisher Unwin, 1902) Arms and The Woman: A Romance – Harold MacGrath (Pearson, 1903) Did You Ever? Verses and Pictures – Lewis Baumer (Chambers, 1903) Mrs Pritchard’s School – L. T. Meade (Chambers, 1904) Hermy: The Story of a Little Girl – Mrs Molesworth (1904) Hoodie – Mrs Molesworth (Chambers, 1905) The Boys and I: A Child’s Story For Children – Mrs Molesworth (Chambers The Hill Top Girl – L T Meade (Chambers, 1906) The Blue Baby and Other Stories – Mrs Molesworth (Chambers, 1907) A Girl From America – L T Meade (Chambers, 1907) The Rainbow Book: Tales of Fun and Fantasy - M. H. Spielmann & Others (1909) [The Gamekeeper’s Daughter] Barbara Bellamy: A Public School Girl – May Baldwin (Chambers, 1909) The Wild Irish Girl – E T Meade (Hurst, 1910) Easter Bells: A Book of Hoppe and Gladness – May Byron (1910) Did You Ever? – Lewis Baumer (Chambers, 1910) Canned Classics, and Other Verses – Harry Graham (Mills & Boon, 1911) Cherry Ripe and Other Famous Lyrics (1911) For Dear Dad – E T Meade (1911) The Gift of Love (Ed. A. H. Hyatt) (1911) The Perfect Gentleman: A Guide To Social Aspirants (Compiled from The Occasional Papers of Reginald Drake Biffin) – Harry Graham (Arnold, 1912) The Motley Muse: Rhymes For The Times – Harry Graham (Arnold, 1913) Vanity Fair – William Makepeace Thackeray (Hodder, 1913) The Complete Sportsman (Compiled from The Occasional Papers of Reginald Drake Biffin) – Harry Graham (Arnold, 1914) An Elegy on The Death of a Mad Dog (Adapted from Goldsmith by F. Norton) (1914) The Lighter Side of School Life – Ian Hay (Foulis, 1915) Love, The Adventurous – Charles Garvice (1917) Old Christmas and Bracebridge Hall – Washington Irving (Constable, 1918) The Harlequinade: An Excursion - Calthorp, etc. (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1918) The Shallow End – Ian Hay (Hodder, 1924) Silver and Gold: Poems – Enid Blyton (Nelson, 1925) Departmental Ditties and Other Verses – Harry Graham (Mills & Boon, 1925) Bright Young Things: A Book of Drawings – Lewis Baumer (Methuen, 1928) Winter Sportings – Reginald Arkell (Jenkins, 1929) Happy Families – H. Graham (Cape, 1934) Ski Fever – J. B. Emtage (Methuen, 1936) Adapted from The Dictionary of 20th Century British Book Illustrators – Alan Horne (1994)
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