L'Élixir du Dr Doxey

boek van Morris

L'Élixir du Dr Doxey is a Lucky Luke adventure in French, written and illustrated by Morris. It is the seventh title in the original series and was published by Dupuis in 1955, and by Cinebook in English in 2012 as Doc Doxey's Elixir. The album contains two stories of Doc Doxey - Lucky Luke et le Docteur Doxey ("Lucky Luke and Doctor Doxey") and Chasse à l'homme ("Manhunt"). The story is about quackery.
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followed by: L'Élixir du Dr Doxey


6. Hors-la-loi

Lucky Luke Comic

author: Morris


Hors-la-loi (Lucky Luke)

album de Luky-Luke

author: Morris


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