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Nara (Manchu: ᠨᠠᡵᠠ ᡥᠠᠯᠠ, Wade-Giles: nara hala, Chinese: 納喇氏, 納蘭氏 or 那拉氏) is a clan name shared by a number of royal Manchu clans. The four tribes of the Hūlun confederation (扈倫四部) – Hada (哈達; Hādá), Ula (烏拉; Wūlā), Hoifa (輝發; Huīfā) and Yehe (葉赫; Yèhè) – were all ruled by clans bearing this name. The head of each clan held the princely title of "beile" (貝勒; Manchu: "chief, lord"). During the Jin Dynasty, Nara was listed as one of the noble "white clans" (白號姓氏). Nara is the Mongolic word for 'sun'. In Mongolia, the sun is associated to Genghis Khan as the nara tamga is the main tamga attributed to him.
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